The mug pictured is one of the first souvenirs produced in the early 80’s by ELVIS PRESLEY ENTERPRISES, that used my artwork. In the beginning most merchandise was produced in Japan but through the years that has changed. This particular mug measures 3 ¼” with a diameter of 2 ¼” with a gold band around the lip and one that runs down the middle of the handle. It is the only example of this product that I have.
The original art, titled, “Satisfaction”, was part of my first book , “Newly Discovered Drawings of Elvis”( Bantam, 1979 ) and the original is in the private collection of Actor, Writer, James Ritz.

  1. thank you for sharing this with us i really enjoy your pictures a lot your friend pam shell

    • Thank you Pam I enjoy sharing my work with all of you, take care.


  2. Im a big elvis fan for nearly 18yrs and i thought id would never see some magnifite pictures of elvis presley like betty harper does a wonderful job putting elvis on paper like that. i love them all xoxo 🙂

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