I had the good fortune of meeting Loretta Lynn in July 1969 where she was performing at the county fair in Mayfield, Ky. She was on the back of a flatbed truck, playing a guitar, barefoot, and the crowd loved her.

Over the next year we ran into each other in different towns as we were both traveling, her with concerts and me with my artwork. In the early 70s we moved to Nashville. Johnny Cash was doing his television show and we were back stage during the taping of an upcoming show that featured Loretta along with a number of other performers like Chet Atkins and Rick Nelson. At that time she was also still doing the Wilburn Brothers Show and the tapings were at a local television studio where we were able to visit and watch. That was pretty exciting for a young 24 year old, and a music lover like me.

It was during one of these tapings that she and Mooney invited my husband and I to go with them on their next concert tour. I learned a lot about life on the road and had a wonderful time getting to know Loretta better. She is a marvelous, wonderful human being and a pleasure to spend time with. I have lived a blessed life and along the way encountered many wonderful people and Loretta is definitely one of those individuals I truly treasure, and consider myself very fortunate to have known.
Thought I would share with you some of the art I have done of Loretta Lynn and for her along with a few photos from my personal collection.

In 1972 I had my fourth child and named her, what else, Loretta Lynn Harper.

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