I was in the  process of a little spring cleaning when I came across this copy the October ’99 issue of  Reminisce magazine. It has been nearly a year since my father died at the age of 93 and coming across this magazine brings back a lot of memories.

I had done a drawing of Dad sitting on the bumper of what he always referred to as his first car. On one occasion when he was reminiscing, I encouraged him to write down his recollection of that car, which he did. After a little editing, I submitted it along with the drawing to Reminisce. Never said anything to him about the submission until one day, I received notice that they liked the story and would like to use it.

I believe it made him feel good to pull out the article and talk about it to everyone. He had a copy of the article framed and hanging in his living room.

The original art was done with pencil, color pencil and an acrylic wash.

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