Elvis Week is only Seventeen days away. For those of you headed to Memphis, I hope you will keep an eye out for the August issue of the cities Key Magazine. “Key” is distributed to all the hotels twice a month for visitors wanted to know what is going on in the city. The latest issue will release on the 1st and 15th of August and will feature my artwork of Elvis and Ann-Margret from Viva Las Vegas. This original work of art is part of the private collection of Sandra Bray from Los Angeles.

A couple of years ago, while my daughter, Loretta Harper, was working on the film “Loss of a Teardrop Diamond” with Ann-Margret, she had the opportunity to show her a copy of the artwork. Ann was really please to see the drawing and it brought back many fond memories for her.

So while you are in Memphis be sure to take home a copy of Elvis and Ann-Margret.

  1. Betty,
    Will you have any of these to sell to us fans that can’t afford to go to Memphis any longer?
    I would LOVE to have one since I have met AM here in my state about 4/5 times. SHE IS SUCH A SWEETHEART!! Just love her so much!
    I’ve also collected many photo’s of her with EP & without him!
    Thanks for any information!!
    n Santa Rosa, CA

    • Marilyn

      So nice hearing from you. I will not have this picture of Elvis and AM in Memphis this year but if you are interested in having a copy of the art it is available as a 8 1/2″ x 11″ prints for $25.00 (no postage), just let me know and I can send you my address so you may send a check or you may use Paypal.
      And I agree with you she is such a “Lady”. I had the opportunity of meeting her a couple years ago when my daughter, Loretta, worked with her in Louisiana. She was so sweet, and gracious.
      Thank you.

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