For the past six months, my daughter Bridget and I have been working together in rebuilding my website. Weekly, I post about my work and anything interesting to me. This week, I thought it would be nice to share with you the talents of Bridget in addition to web designer.
Bridget graduated from Arizona State in Fine Arts. She has since studied and worked in Thailand and Italy and also consulted on public arts projects.  For 12 years, she has built a respected ceramics program and taught classes for the city of Tempe.
When Bridget traveled to Italy, her interest in classical sculpture matured. She drew on her appreciation for the ancient, broken figures of classical genre as inspiration for the forms her sculptures take. A basket filled with vials of china paints, purchased at an antique mall, inspired her surface design. The lush, detailed paintings, often depicting the human form and botanical or zoological images have broad meanings in themselves, and also showcase the elegance of the form.
Bridget has been in multiple publications and exhibitions both nationally and internationally. Please check out her site at

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