Thought I would use this “News” piece to address all “budding” artist out there, of which I know there are many of you.
Art does not start with perfection, it takes much practice. Expression, not perfection is the end goal for there is always the next piece to emerge from the drawing board.  Don’t think perfection is what I am after, just creation and expression – that’s art!
For the last fifty plus years I have been drawing, and as you can see from the pictures here, there have been many changes in that time, and as time goes on I am sure, or would hope the art will evolve even more.
There is only one way to achieve what you want with your art and that is practice…practice…practice. Since I began drawing I have done more than 10,000 drawing of Elvis alone…that does not cover anyone or anything else.
No drawing you create is a bad drawing just another step in the process of learning. As long as you love it, do it. When I was growing up I had friends who could draw, and some much better that me at that age, but they did not pursue it seriously and develop their skill by putting in the time it takes to develop that skill.
Whether you create with a pencil, paint brush or the computer there are no short cuts to getting good, like anything it all comes back to practice…practice…to achieve, in the end, the very best piece of art that expresses what you want to say.

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