After creating and naming thousands of Elvis images throughout the years, I’m interested in how you would title this piece of my original artwork.

Please submit your title in the comment section of this post by September 13  and we will choose the most interesting one. The winner will be chosen and notified on Sept 15, 2011 and will receive an 8″ x 10″ print of this artwork.
I  will enjoy hearing from you.

  1. Where Dreams Come True

  2. The American Dream

  3. Red, White and Blue Suede Shoes

  4. Our One True King!

  5. Young dreams……

  6. When I looked at this “AMERICAN PRIDE” quickly came to mind….Just finished a letter to my grandson who is in basic training at Ft. Benning, GA and now reminded of Elvis’ service to his country as well.

  7. Elvis, God and Country

  8. America’s Angel Patriot

  9. Eyes of America

  10. Elvis,a true american!!

  11. Betty i would call this America The Beautiful.

  12. America’s finest


  14. The Face of America

  15. True Red White & Blue

  16. American Soldier

  17. We’ll Never Forget

  18. Answered When Duty Called!

  19. “Proud to be an American”

  20. America,s son

  21. Betty Good evening,
    I love your works are absolutely fantastic!
    I think the name of this work is the American dream.

  22. Forever a Patriot

  23. American Born and Bred

  24. They say a persons eyes are a window to their soul, so I would call this “American soul”

  25. Betty: My entry is “Star-Spangled Hopes”.

  26. “America’s ELVIS”

  27. National Hero, National Treasure

  28. Stars in His Eyes

  29. Elvis: The American Legend

  30. The Original American Idol

  31. Made in america. But loved all over the world.

  32. Elvis: The American Legend

  33. Elvis: An American Legend

  34. Elvis Presley King of the USA !

  35. America the Beautiful

  36. Red White and Blue Royalty

  37. The Freedom king

  38. I suggest the title ” Only in AMERICA !”

  39. Through the Eyes of ELVIS!

  40. Oh Beatiful….

  41. America has a King.

  42. King if the Whole USA

  43. Brotherhood

  44. Mine eyes have seen the glory!

  45. Betty, it looks like there are tears in Elvis’ eye. That’s the way I see it. So I thought right away of the song “If I Can Dream” and what came to my mind for the title of this art was: “Wish I Could Dream More”

    We truly need God’s blessing on America in this day and time. I feel Elvis is looking down and wishing he could dream more for us all.

    Love and God Bless,
    Jean Abel
    Midlothian, Virginia

  46. Oh Beautiful…

  47. One look into those eyes

  48. True Love

  49. Star-Spangled Hopes

  50. America’s Son

  51. My eyes have seen the GLORY of America

  52. Man and his country

  53. Let Freedom Sing

  54. Red, White and G.I. Blues

  55. From America to the World

  56. Made in America

  57. Our Patriot King

  58. Wrapped in Glory

  59. Our Patriot Angel

  60. Singing the Red, White and Blues

  61. america the beautiful

  62. american angel

  63. walk a mile in my shoes

  64. The eyes of a man, who loved his America!

  65. The eyes of a man who loved his country!

  66. The eyes of a man who loved his Country

  67. Betty this s so beautiful! Hope you got my suggestion.

    “The eyes of a man who loved his country”

  68. Thank you Betty for sharing your God given talent! You are my favorite artist, and so much so of our Elvis!

  69. Captivating image of Elvis. My suggestion for a title is: TRUE COUNTRY BOY.

    He was true to his country and to his roots.

  70. Another beautiful painting of Elvis. He was always 100% American and never outgrew his roots. For a title I offer the following:

  71. My suggestion did not go through on previous tries –

    Title suggestion: TRUE COUNTRY BOY

  72. Dawn’s Early Light

  73. God Shed His Grace On Thee

  74. America, God Shed his Grace on “E”

  75. “All American Boy”

  76. stars, stripes and rock n roll

  77. American Pride.

  78. spirit of america

  79. how great thou art

  80. a star is born

  81. the heart of the red white and blue

  82. american twilight

  83. the singer that gives light to the world

  84. the wonder of you

  85. art in the eye of a king

  86. an american idol

  87. beauty in the eye of the beholder

  88. the sun never stets on a legend

  89. Home Is Where The Heart Is

  90. several came to mind Betty, this is so beautiful but going to go with..My Eyes have Seen the Glory..

  91. Anthem
    American Anthem
    Honor and Glory
    For the Republic
    National Treasures
    Freedom Sings
    Symbols of America

  92. Proud Presley Patriotism

  93. Elvis: Favorite Son of The South

  94. greatest entertainer of all time

  95. gone but not forgotten

  96. Hello Betty from France with “les Amis d’Elvis”.

    I have another idea :

    “Elvisthing is possible in America”

    Nice idea this “title contest”

    Amitiés 100% Elvis de la France from Jean-Marc Gargiulo Official French Fan-Club & if you comeback in France, we wait for you during Jean-Marc’s meetings.







  103. Mine would be ‘The US Male

  104. Don’t Worry…..I’m Here Watching!

  105. The Star Shines Through

  106. America Is In Your Heart and Soul

  107. Dream BIG!

  108. A True American

  109. Reach for the Stars

  110. Forty-four Presidents… One King

  111. “…I Was A Dreamer.”

  112. What’s YOUR Dream?

  113. I Love American you can Dream The Impossible Dream

  114. Grace-Land!

  115. Elvis The American Spirit Where Everyone is treated equally.

  116. ELVIS..An American Icon

  117. Elvis The American Force Still Inspires

  118. “The Dream”

    Because it plays on the term “the American Dream” which is what so many people think of when they think of America.
    And because Elvis was so beautiful & amazing he was like a Dream!

  119. ELVIS… An American Story

  120. American Dreamer

  121. Elvis Americas Hero!!!!

  122. Elvis: The Beautiful!

  123. All American, ELVIS!

  124. Through The eyes of Americas true Hero, ELVIS!!!

  125. Always remembered, never forgotten, We Love Elvis forever!

  126. Elvis, The most beautiful King of rock in roll in America!!!!

  127. Elvis an American Icon

  128. United We Stand…Tried and True

  129. Stars Stripes and Elvis forever in our hearts

  130. Elvis believed in serving for your country no matter who you are with no special treatment.
    He loved his country, family an fans.

  131. If I Can Dream

  132. A True American Legend.

  133. If My Wish Came True…

  134. This Is America United We Stand

  135. Remembered by You

  136. Elvis: Steadfast, Loyal & True

  137. always on my mind

  138. Forever America, Forever Elvis, and one in all.

  139. Watching over our heroes


  141. All American Boy

  142. Someone has already suggested these but I like them the best “IF I CAN DREAM” OR “THE AMERICAN DREAM”

  143. my first love

  144. these eyes have seen it all

  145. hello I’m ELVIS PRESLEY

  146. the first time ever I saw your face

  147. American Royalty

  148. As American As… ELVIS!

  149. the uniqueness of a country

  150. Wrapped in TRUTH & FREEDOM

  151. Elvis with the flag of freedom

  152. Elvis wrapped in Glory

  153. “Glory, Glory, Alleluia”

  154. “His Truth Is Marching On”

  155. Title suggestion:



  158. Majestic American Legend

  159. “Star Spangled Dreams”

  160. “MAJESTY”

  161. “America ROCKS!”

  162. “From DixieLand to GraceLand”

  163. “Promised Land”

  164. Love Me Tender Eyes

  165. ElvIsAmerica .

  166. Mine Eyes have Seen the Glory

  167. America, where dreams come true

  168. don’t step on my red white and blue

  169. “Saluting Elvis”

    “A Salute To Elvis”

    “Occupation GI Blues”

    “Pride, Honor and Rock & Roll!”

  170. “Follow That Dream”

    “American Made”

    “Country Soul”

    “Soul Of Our Country”

  171. “American Beauty”

    “TCB-The American Way”

    “Pride And Glory”

    “American Icon”

    “America’s Favorite Son”

  172. ..Embraced in “Glory”….

  173. U.S. Male

  174. An American Legend

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