Deja vu is an interesting phenomenon!  While having lunch with my son, James, at Chuy’s on the corner of 17th and Broadway, the famed Music Row in Nashville, it dawned on me I had been here before. It had been forty years since I was last in this building. Back then, it was a drive-in restaurant where the musicians and management would meet up and head out on bus tours to perform.

Why was this realization relevant to me? It was here forty years ago in this restaurant, midnight to be exact; I waited to board a tour bus with Loretta Lynn. My husband and I had been invited to accompany her on a tour up the east coast to the Virginias. This was the trip that turned our family of three siblings into four by March of 1972. The happy occasion brought a girl whom we named….Loretta Lynn!

For decades, the building remained vacant and an eyesore but today the location is a Chuy’s Mexican Grill. They have done a fabulous job of beautifying the location even keeping the original “drive-in” overhang where customers would pull-up to order. Chuy’s is based out of Texas and had one location here but it is a good thirty minutes away. Now with this new location just around the corner, I can enjoy good food and the very unique Chuys’, “ELVIS SHRINE”.


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