Arnold’s restaurant is a Nashville institution started thirty years ago by Jack Arnold.  Southerners lovingly refer to this type of eatery as  “a meat and 3” and the place to be, standing in lines that run out the door. Get your food and take a seat in this cozy atmosphere or join anyone else for a great lunch and interesting conversation. Recently, the Food Networks, Guy Fieri found his way to “Arnolds”, and left his stamp on the wall.
Friendly faces and warm hospitality are always on the menu along with carved roast beef, fried green tomatoes, and not to be missed, my favorite dessert, chess pie with meringue. The walls are lined with autographed photos of everyone from Brook Shields to Chet Adkins and framed magazines covers that have featured Arnolds. Among the array of photos is one that was presented to Rose and Jack Arnold by the son of Chet Adkins. It includes the art I created for RCA Records in the 70’s that was a collage of the entire country music artists represented by the label at that time. The original art is now part of the permanent collection of the Country Music Hall of Fame (approximately 40” x 40”).
Jack who always had the duty of slicing the roast beef has turned over the knife to his son Kahlil who now runs the restaurant along with the same smiling group who always greets you. So if you find yourself in Nashville at lunch time stop in and say hello to Rose, Franz & Kahlil and the gang and enjoy the Southern hospitality they dish up.

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