“Never Forget Your Dreams”

Anyone who has visited Elvis’ birthplace in Tupelo knows the story about a young Elvis who would, in the evenings, climb the hill that is now the back side of the park and sit with his guitar looking out over Tupelo…dreaming the dream. There is now a monument on the site erected by RCA.

Now exclusively at the birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi, they are offering a T-shirt “Never Forget Your Dreams” featuring my artwork.The front features the drawing of Elvis and on the left sleeve is the logo for the birthplace. The shirt is a new arrival and is available on their website at Elvis’s Birthplace or you may call them at, 662.841.1245 and ask for the gift shop.

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  1. Hi Ms. Harper-

    Ms. Harper I was wanting to see how much your T-shirts where as I was wanting to possibly purchase 3. I went to the Graceland site, then the Elvis Birth Site, but Loretta told me to email you and ask.
    She also said that you had some that had been discontinued.

    I was wanting something really cool as it is for my cousin who just beat Cancer and is still fighting a blood disease. So I wanted something special.

    Thank you
    Missy Hood/Author

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