Tribute to KITTY WELLS

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“You are about to hear a delightfully different Kitty Wells, Kitty Wells…today”.This is the beginning liner notes for the 1971 album, “Pledging My Love” that I had the pleasure of rendering the cover art. When Johnny Wright, Kitty’s husband, called he said they were “going in a different direction for Kitty with this new album” so the cover picture had to be different.

I had a lot of mixed feeling about this change. Here was Kitty Wells, The Queen of Country Music, that I had listed to since the age of five and now it was my job to put a new look to the image, but I was honored to be the one doing this cover.

I only had the one autographed copy of this album so when I came across it several years back in a local “oldies” record store I picked up a second copy for $75.00.

“Kitty Wells will always be the greatest female country singer of all times,” said  Loretta Lynn in a statement released on her web site. “She was my hero. If I had never heard of Kitty Wells, I don’t think I would have been a singer myself. I wanted to sound just like her, but as far as I am concerned, no one will ever be as great as Kitty Wells. “She truly is the Queen of Country Music.”
As for me, I am thrilled to have been able to contribute a small part to her legacy. She will truly be missed.

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  1. You have always been one of the greatest country singers in the later 20th. and early 21st. It was with great sadness news of your passing.

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