ELVIS WEEK 2012: Thanks to All Elvis Fans

Elvis Week 2012 was electrifying; excitement was in the air and everyone seemed to be having a fabulous time. Busy with three consecutive shows,  my son and I  kept the lobby of the Heartbreak Hotel in full swing. Enjoying the time visiting with fans and friends while laughing, reminiscing and eating pizza;  it is the most special part of Elvis Week-“the Fans!”

Elvis was a man of many talents, but I think his greatest talent was one that doesn’t show up on best selling charts or box office returns. Elvis’ greatest talent was his ability to inspire. He was an inspiration to me and my generation.  I believe Elvis’ greatest achievement will always be the ultimate inspiration. Elvis played a vital  role in the development of my talent. Drawing him all of these years and having the fans come support my art is more special than I can express. You, the Fans, are the GREATEST and I appreciate your support throughout the years.

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