Marty Robbins

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Marty Robbins, September 26, 1925 – December 8, 1982. These are two photos taken of Marty at the Grand Ole Opry in May 1981. My parents were visiting and Mom had always been a big fan of Marty, especially his Hawaiian music, so I made arrangements for them to attend the Opry and go backstage. To their delight not only did they get backstage but also were allowed to sit on stage during the show, just to the side of the stage curtain. When Marty was on the Opry he always performed last and you never knew how long he would go. It was an exciting time for my parents who had always been country music lovers.

The portrait of Marty, called “Misty” was a winner in the Central South Art Exhibit in the 70s. It now resides as part of the permanent art collection of record aficionado Jerry Osborne.

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