My Daughter and the film “42” (Jackie Robinson)

1_42-2013-Movie-Poster 2_ 3_12RoundsLoretta

My daughter, Loretta Harper, was additional costumer for the film, “42” about Baseball great Jackie Robinson which opened in theatres on April 15. The film was shot in five different locations of which two were Chattanooga, TN and Atlanta, GA.

Through the years, many of you have met and come to know Loretta. She was only nine when she went with me to Memphis to show my Elvis artwork, before there was an official Elvis Week, or as it was called in the beginning, “Elvis International Tribute Week”. She went with me every year until graduating high school and going to work, which took her from Nashville to Chicago, Montana, Houston, Austin, New Orleans and as of four years ago back home to Nashville. Now twice a year, when possible, she makes the trip to Memphis with me during EW and the birthday celebration. It is something she has always enjoyed, especially all the wonderful people she has come to know.

The third photo shown was taken in New Orleans during the filming of “12 Rounds”, she was Key-Set Costumer and is standing alongside, wrestler, John Cena on top of a car getting him ready for his next shot.

You can check out her work at

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  1. Hello Betty and Loretta


    I received my Elvis/Ann Margret print.
    thank you
    Enjoyed getting to know you two a bit
    during Elvis week at the Heartbreak Hotel.

    Loretta – I’ll think of you each time I view
    my Elvis/Ann M. print and the wonderful
    remembrance you shared about meeting Ann M.
    and her re-action to the print of her and “E”.

    Diane Cash /Nashville

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