A Special Thanks:

I am excited about my new website and for that thanks must go to my talented daughter, Bridget, for her tireless effort in creating this site. She has put a great deal of effort in making it as user friendly as possible. Her technical skill and creative eye have produced just what I wanted.

Those of you who have followed my art are aware of the directional change it has taken over the past few years. I have been experimenting with integrating my original drawings and paintings with technology. The results have been soul-stirring for me and your acceptance of my new work has been very gratifying. Since, I began drawing I have experimented with every medium imaginable and none have been more exciting than the path on which I now find myself, for the creative possibilities seem endless. So together let’s journey forward and see where we find ourselves.

At your leisure, click through the newly designed website and we would love to hear what you have to say  – also check out Bridget’s  amazing art at



  1. Betty, your new website is beautiful.

  2. Love the new look and it’s easy to use on my phone. Yeah!!!

  3. Betty this is great!!! God blessed you with a wonderful gift and you use it well. I appreciate all of your art but I do have a favorite, Elvis of course….especially the younger years and CHARRO. Your daughter did a great job with the web site.

    I’m glad our lives touched so many yrs. ago in Memphis


  4. Hi Betty, I am such a fan of yours and a very big congratulations on your new webpage. I am on my Samsung so it works well. Loved the pages but Elvis for sure is my love. A while back you did a sketch of Elvis’ many hairstyles and is/will this be for sale? Regards from New Zealand

    • Hi Jackie,
      Thanks for the lovely comments about my work and the new site. I’m not sure which drawing you are referring to but will on it.
      Take care,

  5. Betty,
    Your daughter did an excellent job creating your website. The ease of maneuvering around to find your phenomenal art works and display of talent on here for all your current fans to see and new fans to find, is appreciated. I am currently on my phone, and it works great. I have to say, along with many others, my favorite art work is Elvis, Looking forward to seeing more if your work.

  6. Hi Betty,
    The site looks great. Wish I could get my site to work as well. I’m working on it with some help from Kathy one of my members. Yours is terrific.
    Pam Turner

    • Pam so good hearing from you and thanks for taking time to view the new site. Bridget has spent months putting it together and I am very happy with what she had done. See you in Memphis

  7. Excellent work! It is colorful and easy to use! (I saw a few typographical errors in the text here and there—but I sure don’t want to hurt your feelings. Shall I point them out? Let me know if you want to know).

    It is a visually lovely website. You must be so proud of your talented daughter.

    Betty, good to see you in Memphis as I have over these many, many years.

    I admire your artistry. Your daughter is very talented as well.

    • Hi Diana,

      Thank you for your kind remarks about the site. Please send those typos to me so I can have them changed. Thanks for the heads up.


  8. Amazing website. But what would you expect from Betty Harper – nothing less than amazing.

  9. Betty, congratulations for all arts that you produce that are worthy of compliments. God bless you, always…

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