The two sets of drink coasters shown above are the latest in a seires of ELVIS PRESLEY products that feature my artwork. Each set of four is glass and  measures 4″ x 4″. This product along with others can be purchased at the locations listed below. While on the website; check out other EP products available, just search Betty Harper.


The year was 1963, place France, and I was a junior in High School. Dad was in the Air Force stationed at Laon Air Base. The base did not provide a school. Each Sunday we were shipped out by shuttle  to Verdun for the week. On Friday we were back on the bus headed to Laon. One weekend, I was


The mug pictured is one of the first souvenirs produced in the early 80’s by ELVIS PRESLEY ENTERPRISES, that used my artwork. In the beginning most merchandise was produced in Japan but through the years that has changed. This particular mug measures 3 ¼” with a diameter of 2 ¼” with a gold band around the lip and one that

Baseball Cards

Author, publisher and friend extraordinaire Jerry Osborne has lead me on a number of interesting projects and none more so than when he wanted to create his own original set of collector baseball cards of the Mariners’ Ichiro. There were three sets of actual size baseball cards and each card was created using Cresent sand color mat board. Jerry had

FLASHBACK ’89: Mae Axton and Me

One of the most interesting women it has been my pleasure to have known was Mae Boren Axton, co-writer of Elvis’ first hit, Heartbreak Hotel. Ms Axton was an amazing lady who was at the beginning of it all, contributing a great song that would be a major influence on the direction our music would go.

ELVIS PRODUCTS: Now available

  It’s  always fun creating artworks of Elvis and equally so seeing the art interpreted on different products.   Below, I’ve listed a few of the latest  Elvis products available with my artwork. These items can be found through  Graceland and a number of  online websites just Google Betty Harper products. Other Betty Harper products available at and search Betty