THE STORY: Some years ago, I was exhibiting at a Western convention in Knoxville, Tennessee. Across from my booth was a dealer who specialized in vintage western posters from the era of four color, lithograph art, they were striking. After a couple days studying them, I decided to create an Elvis poster using the basic technique of those posters to create my own.

It took nearly two months to complete the Love Me Tender poster and what fun I had creating it. When I finished I thought perhaps I would do just one more, maybe Jailhouse Rock, well that lead to King Creole, Loving you, then Viva Las Vegas, Blue Hawaii, Wild In The Country and Follow That Dream before I stopped.

It was some years before I venture into doing another poster, mainly at the request of fans. By that time, I was well into integrating more of my original drawings with technology, which I found exciting. The first poster using this technique was G.I. Blues and like before, one lead to another. Below are my versions of movie posters from some of Elvis’s films.

All of the posters are available as a Fine Art Prints. If you are interested in the Original Poster Artwork, please contact us.


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