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It’s time again for me to head west to the city that Elvis called home to celebrate his 76th birthday. If you are going to be in Memphis for the birthday, keep a look out for the latest issue of the cities Key Magazine featuring my Elvis artwork. They can be found in all the hotels. My Elvis art exhibit for


Nashville’s Studio B “HONOR THY MUSIC” As Music City’s only historic studio tour, RCA’s Studio B provides a glimpse into the heart of Nashville music-making during one of its most exciting and classic periods. It was originally call RCA Studios and In the 60s it became famous for being a part of what was referred to as The Nashville Sound.

FLASHBACLK ’77: Elvis’ record producer Felton Jarvis

Elvis’ record producer, Felton Jarvis, called the end of August 1977 and asked me to do a portrait of Elvis for him. Felton said he had seen a lot of Elvis artwork and everything that Elvis had and wanted me to do the portrait. He had a particular time and situation that he wanted painted and that was when Elvis