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“Never Forget Your Dreams”

Anyone who has visited Elvis’ birthplace in Tupelo knows the story about a young Elvis who would, in the evenings, climb the hill that is now the back side of the park and sit with his guitar looking out over Tupelo…dreaming the dream. There is now a monument on the site erected by RCA. Now exclusively at the birthplace in Tupelo,


Upcoming Exhibits of Elvis Art by Betty Harper Elvis artwork by Betty Harper will be showcased at The Center for Southern Folklore, located at 119 S. Main Street in Memphis, August 1, 2012 – October 19, 2012 and at the Birthplace of Elvis in Tupelo, Miss., November 1, 2012 – January 15, 2003. In observance of the 35th anniversary of


  When I visit any place for the first time I like to see as much as can possibly be crammed into my time. If it is my second or third visit then covering all the missed sights is at the top of my list. For more than thirty years I have been going to Memphis, and still I learn